Wedding Ceremony FAQs

Where is the event located?

The event will be at Buckhorn Methodist Camp at 381 Old Camp Road in Bellvue, CO. It’s about a 45 minute drive toward the mountains from Old Town Fort Collins. Learn more about the location here.

When will it start?

If you’re not planning on staying at the camp, please plan to attend our welcome gathering between 3-3:30p. The wedding ceremony will start promptly at 4p on Saturday, September 7.

Keep in mind when budgeting your drive time that the camp is up windy dirt roads in the mountains. We recommend leaving Fort Collins no later than 2:15p on Saturday.

Can kids come?

Absolutely! We love your little ones. Their names are included on your invite.

What should I wear?

For the ceremony, we’re aiming for wedding casual attire. We recommend that men and women wear shoes that are comfortable for walking around in the woods in (bring on the flats and wedges!).

It gets cool at night in the mountains, so plan to bring layers.

What’s for dinner?

We definitely recommend coming hungry! We’ll be eating tasty, tasty Asian cuisine—view the full reception menu.

Do you have a registry?

Sure do! You can find information about our registry here.

Where should I stay in town?

Check out our page on non-camp accommodations to get suggestions for Fort Collins hotels and hostels. You can also find a helpful map outlining our fave FoCo activities to help you have the best weekend ever!!

Where do we sign up?

Please fill out our RSVP form here by June 1st to attend the wedding.