Our Wedding Party

What can we say? We love these goofballs and wouldn’t be the people we are today without them.

(Presented alphabetically by first name, per section 🤓)


Ally Jones

ally jones and megan lee

Megan and Ally’s friendship may’ve had a slightly rocky start (*shakes fist at lost expat love*), but they’re pretty much obsessed with each other now. When not reminiscing their China adventures, chuckling at quokkas, or planning their next international reunion, Megan and this Aussie broad can be found quoting Mary Kate and Ashley movies and drinking hipster coffee during a “business lunch.”

Becky Lee

Becky and Megan have known each other since they were wee ones—their dads being brothers might have something to do with it! Their friendship graduated from sleepovers, paper dolls, and “kitchen experiments” to going on long runs and bike rides together. (It’s not only so they feel a little *less* guilty when they drink several beers after—they actually enjoy the exercise, too!). Join Megan & Becky for the Fortitude 10k on Labor Day in Fort Collins!

Carla Lee

Megan is thankful her brother Danny has good taste in wives so she could land an awesome sister-in-law like Carla. Her knack for decorating, mad line dancing skills, and obsession with hideous Snapchat filters are just some of the things Megan most admires about her. Megan is also super-grateful that Carla will be making her look like a hottie (hair-wise, at least!) on her wedding day!

Claire Lee

Claire made it very clear last Christmas that she wanted to “be a junior bridesmaid, not a flower girl.” Megan loves an assertive girl in 2019, so she made it happen! Megan is thrilled to have the original piggy butt, her first niece, stand alongside her as she marries her soon to be Uncle David (“Ew”—Claire). She also hopes the Pony Girl packs her cowboy boots for some country jams on the dance floor!

Katie Boyer

Megan has been head over heels for Boy Katie since she introduced her to Trader Joe’s on her first day working in Berkeley. Katie is Megan’s all-time favorite Bay Area adventure buddy, whether checking out the redwoods in the Oakland Hills, floating down the Russian River, or drinking PBR while hating on geese at Lake Merritt. Megan and Katie would like to formally invite everyone to visit the Museum of Ice Cream at least once, where you can share your dreams with gummy bears and have impromptu dance parties at the sorbet diner.

Katie Dodd

Katie, with the help of Hanson tunes and double chins, weaseled her way into Megan’s heart during freshmen year at Valparaiso University. Midnight Guitar Hero jam seshes, large bags of Salt & Vinegar chips, and a shared obsession with all things Anthropologie/Rifle Paper/World Market wheelie sealed the deal on their lifelong friendship. Also: corndogs.

Lindsey Trock

Megan’s only Disney trivia nemesis, Lindsey and Megan’s love story began while playing softball together in middle school. Their inside-joke-glittered friendship extended from the diamond to the stage, where they shared roles like “Bird Girls” and “Snake” and “Token White Persons.” They’d like to take this time to 1) send a big apology to Mrs. Stinson for goofing off too much in Bell Choir and 2) encourage all readers to join the Cool Dog Group.

Reanne Queja

Megan & Reanne’s meet-cute was in the back of a rental car in San Francisco en route to Katie Dodd’s wedding. Their friendship was a no-brainer considering their shared love for Chacos, Alaska, and silliness—not to mention their unique ability to look fabulous in bright orange. When not cracking up about anything and everything, Megan and Reanne can be found impersonating halibut.

Stacy Yip

You might recognize this duo from the 2011 Beijing Language & Culture University Talent Show, where their iteration of PengYouGerrr changed lives. Sure, they went to China for the Mandarin classes—but they definitely stayed for the hijinks (and hotpot). Donut be surprised if this badass, LA-based nutritionist and personal trainer offers a free fitness class at Camp Foxlee!


Anthony Barnes

The stars aligned when David and Anthony were matched through a local nonprofit, Partners Mentoring Youth. They’ve since spent years playing video games—Papers Please, Cities Skylines, and Beseige are highlights. They also share a love of YouTube, pizza, learning, and chicken nuggets. Plus one time they both rode a roller coaster and didn’t really love it; this experience has given Anthony and David a tight bond that can never be broken.

Danny Lee

Sometimes you get lucky with a brother-in-law, and sometimes, well, you can’t keep tabs on him because he changes his GD Facebook name every other week. (Megan’s gripe.) David and Danny are united in many things, but highlights include a shared love for Megan, not being the center of attention, and hanging out with Danny and Carla’s kids.


Is it Kevin? Michael? No one knows. Mutual lovers of board games, whiskey, and the disinterested looking dog in the photo, the dynamic duo enjoys being (new) crew members aboard a Starfinder vessel and talking about the “app” they’re building for Poudre Fire Authority.

Elliott Heigert

You know those people who are just kind and generous? Elliott’s one of those people. That, coupled with his interest in nerdy things like board games and the internet made David and Elliott fast friends. Though Megan likes Elliott a lot too 🤓

Fred Meyer

In 11th grade, Fred spent an English class period teaching David all the words to Mystikal’s “Danger.” In 2012, Fred rescued David from a dead-end job at Target with an idea for a “meditation startup.” While entrants of that category have taken off in the last decade, Medivate was simply too far ahead of the curve. None the less, Fred and David remain business partners, thorns in each others sides, and virtual brothers.

Jay Van der Werff

Jay’s inquisitive nature, love of whiskey, and easy manner made David beeline for a friendship when they met in Fort Collins in the last few years. His cute kids didn’t hurt either. Today they love to talk about mindfulness based therapy, why scotch (is/isn’t) better than bourbon, and what’s great on Netflix.

Will McMahon

Will has captivated audiences his whole life, perhaps never more memorable than his high school graduation rendition of “Don’t Stop Me Now.” That plus his crucial knowledge of biology for high school Science Bowl, made David love and admire Will. United these days with conversations about weighty matters of Buddhism, David and Will’s relationship has taken on a new and deeper dimension.