From I-25

  1. Take the Highway 14 Exit (269B) and head west into Fort Collins.
  2. Turn North on US 287, College Avenue, and follow it out of town. Look how cute it is!
  3. Continue driving west through the roundabout towards the mountains, AKA take the second exit.
  4. Continue 2 miles to LaPorte; look for a rustic restaurant called Vern’s on your right. Turn slightly left (West) at this intersection and cross the Cache La Poudre River and drive through Bellvue. Blink and you’ll miss it!
  5. Continue uphill through scenic Rist Canyon for approximately 12 miles. Keep an eye out for cyclists and Whale Rock! 🐳
  6. When you reach the top of a steep winding section of road, turn left/south. You should see a Buckhorn Camp sign, too.
  7. Follow this dirt road for ½ mile to the first gate. Don’t worry if it’s closed—it’s only to keep the cows in! 🐮
  8. You’re almost there, so don’t give up now, you only have another 2 miles to go! Take this last section slowly, as it is scenic and in some places, rough and narrow.
  9. Follow all signs and markings for the Camp Foxlee wedding.
  10. Ta-da! In the words of the Google maps lady: “You have arrived.”

Keep on the lookout for wildlife and other travelers. It is wise to allow 45 minutes from Fort Collins to reach Buckhorn Camp.