Sup, Campers? After much consideration (seeing basically two venues), we decided the most appropriate way to celebrate our impending nuptials would be in the middle of the woods for two days with all of you fine folks.

We’re still working out a lot of wedding logistics, so we’ll be adding details both here and via email later. Here’s the short version of what you’ll need to know:

  • We’re planning a camp wedding. There are cabins, bunk rooms, and a few hotel-style rooms. The camp “Buckhorn” is a Methodist summer camp about 13 miles up Rist Canyon Road from Fort Collins.
  • You’re invited to stay two nights at the camp, or just come up for our Saturday afternoon ceremony and reception. (September 7th is the Saturday. Plan on arriving around 2pm and leaving around 7-10pm.)
  • No matter which you choose, we hope you can come 😉

Once we figure out the technology side of managing it, we’ll email you to find out about your plans, accommodation preferences, and more. For right now, please plan to be in and around Fort Collins, Colorado from Sept 6-8th 😊

BTW: This is a WordPress site. Did you know we have a different (cooler) WordPress site about coffee? It’s called Low-Key Coffee Snobs. #marketing

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