Wedding Support

We couldn’t tie the knot without the help of these incredible folks. We’re so grateful for their support on our big day.

Andrea Hayes (Usher)

The youngest of the Hayes kids, Andi (as David’s never gotten used to calling her) is a cunning board game player. She’s also weirdly good at accounting, not to mention living in Germany these days. She’ll be so excited to welcome you, in English—but maybe a little of the German she’s pick up, too. 🙂

Charlie Lee (Ring Security)

Megan loves her one and only nephew more than fast cars, 12 inch walleye, and inappropriate butt jokes. As our Ring Security detail, Megan and David feel confident that their precious jewels will make it down the aisle. Don’t get too nervous, though—his security armor is all for show. This sweet, sensitive boy will help (and hug) just about anyone, especially if they need to catch a fish.

Debby Bower (Reader)

The wife of a cherished cousin, Debby’s one of those gentle, generous people you just can’t help but like. Plus her son and David share a birthday 🤓 And she’s a thoughtful person on all kinds of important topics: love, faith, vulnerability, and health. Megan and David can’t get enough of her warm energy—and we can’t wait for you to get a feel for it, too!

Erin Oppenheim (Bride’s Right Cornhand)

When the “intern” walked into the GoAbroad offices in the fall of 2015, Megan didn’t know the sheer joy and friendship that was about to begin. It turns out that the combination of content retreats (naps), Parks and Rec quotes, bunny slippers, cute animal memes, and judging others’ grammar is too potent a force to keep these two apart.

Their great sense of style pairs well with overpriced beverages. Megan thanks the Angel of Keywords for bringing this dangerously cheesy goofball into her life.

>> Pause for ponies <<

Eleanor Lee (Flower Girl)

Get ready for this adorable flower girl to steal the show come 9/7/19, but until then, we’ll just keep giggling and dancing with this sweet, fierce, independent woman in the making.

Eleanor and Megan like to have tea parties with Walkers shortbread, twirl, and sing along to Disney movies. As the last of the piggy butts, Eleanor holds a very dear place in Megan’s heart of hearts. HEE-HEE!

Julie Hayes (Usher)

David’s twin (!) has been there for him since birth—literally. Megan and David love spending time adventuring with this badass outdoorslady. Whether trying out new trail runs, sampling coffee flights, or loving butter, we’re grateful to have a friend double as family.

A favorite story: That time we went to see Yo Yo Ma’s Silk Ensemble and Julie left with an adopted Bolivian grandmother…

Justin Egge (Reader)

LeggoMyMeggo met LeggoMyJeggo somewhere along the way at Valpo, but these two weirdos didn’t become life partners til after many sepia-toned evenings, failed line dancing excursions, and trips to the Dy-Nasty buffet. Pack your shades for Camp Foxlee because exciting things happen when the sun’s out.

Please join them in a moment of silence for the loss of both the horse floatie and the pink-stained khakis. RIP. (CC Collin, Dan, & Jen: We’ll be on the third floor if you’d like to discuss it).

Kelly Robenhagen (Officiant)

If you know Kelly, you know fun—and feeling cared for. As the “real locals” in our friend group, David and Kelly’s friendship goes way back to the dimly lit halls of Poudre High. Megan knew Kelly was a keeper when they both loved Tacosaurus socks. Whether snowshoeing, board gaming, or collaborating to make a difference, Megan and David thank their lucky stars that a woman of great intelligence, generosity, hilarity, and taste in television gets to be in their inner-orbit—and was willing to share her love and light as our officiant.

Niki Kraska (Reader)

This one is a struggle to write, as summarizing 20+ years of friendship is no easy task. Megan and Niki met as kids, and despite their physics teacher’s stern looks and the miles between ’em (Niki lives and volunteers in India full time!), these two have managed to dance, laugh, animal noise, and play through the seasons of life. Megan is grateful her left leg will make the trans-Atlantic flight to join us this fall.

Rachael Peden (Reader)

Do you ever score a late-in-life friend and wonder how you got along for so long without ’em? It was love at first beer when Rachael and Megan met IRL a few years ago. Can you blame her? You’d also want to be her friend if you could power through 5am workouts and Jane’s indecision (Team Raf? Team Michael? Anyone but Jason…) while still having a great time. A shared love for study abroad, the Midwest, four-player card games, and conversational texting locked her in for good.