Camp Support

Julie Kobs (Camp Queen)

Breakfast burritos brought Julianna and Megan together, and lucky for Megs, it’s a bond that can’t be broken (unlike most tortilla shells). Julianna is on David & Megan’s dream team. They might not agree on all things (she doesn’t “get” dogs?!), but Megan and David love her powerful sense of self and her heart for others. You might think you’re going to change the world, but this bike ridin’, Spanish speakin’, letter pressin’, Mezcal sippin’, gem of a woman is gonna do it first. 💖

Lauren Degarmo (Yogi Bear)

Lauren and Megan met while flouncing around China (“studying abroad”) in the summer of 2007. It only took a couple of failed “Ni haos” and “ba bas”—not to mention impromptu dance parties at Babyface—to know Megan wanted to travel the world and laugh forever with this girl. They’ve survived remote deserts, awkward nightclubs, Greek camping barracks, more Mandarin tests than we care to count, and even Chinese haircuts. Through it all, Megan has always considered Lauren one of her great teachers and closest friends. She’s thrilled Lauren will share her gorgeous yoga skills and spiritual teachings on her wedding day.

Annie Bierbower (Camp Counselor)

Annie is one of the funniest, friendliest, wackiest, silliest, giggly-est, hardworking-est, cat-loving-est ladies we know and we can’t imagine a camp weekend without her at the helm! This free bird may be hard to catch, but you’ll love hanging out with her and hot sock while singing hilarious songs during our camp romp. Ask her to touch hearts, too!

Travis Kauffman (Camp Counselor)

Catch Travis if you can! This trail runner has been blazing his own since his childhood in Arkansas. When not biking across town (or the entire USA) or playing flip cup with Junebug, you can find Travis building woodsy-things from scratch, staring lovingly into his cat’s eyes, or showing up at parties he’s loosely invited to. Join Travis for outdoor games and sports, including human foosball, at Camp Foxlee!

Elliott & Kelly Robenheigert (Camp Counselors)

Used without permission

This fun-loving couple has so much to offer the world, and we’re so lucky they’re willing to not only stand up in our wedding, but also lead the way as camp counselors! You can read more about Kelly and Elliott and our hilarious adventures on our website here and here.

Nikki Powers (Art Director)

Nikki is a friend to pineapples of all sizes

To know Nikki Powers is to know laughter (and that there’s probably a bottle of rosé nearby). Her loooong list of secret super powers is really impressive: She has amazing Elphaba singalong skills, she’s a great co-eater of everything on the menu, AND she’s an incredibly talented artist, sketcher, and kombucha drinker. Join Nikki at Camp Foxlee to make a friendship bracelet of your own and more!