Camp Stay FAQ

What is the cost and what does it include?


  • Two nights stay in a shared cabin with ensuite bathrooms
  • Five meals
  • Activities
  • Camp pranks
  • Snacks on snacks on snacks
    (+$20 to rent sheets, pillow case, blanket, towel)

How do we pay? Who? When?

Our Camp Queen & Coordinator, Julianna Kobs (, will follow up with payment options and to answer any remaining questions. Keep an eye on your inbox for correspondence from her.

Payment is due prior to camp and can be remitted via cash, check, Venmo, Paypal, or QuickPay. Monopoly money not included.

What’ll staying at camp be like?

In general, a bit like the camp you know from your childhood or the movies. All bedrooms will accommodate 3-7 adults. We’ll match people into parties where you’re hopefully not all strangers. If that happens, consider it a camp miracle. Maybe you’ll become friends.

On Friday afternoon and evenings, we’ll have traditional camp activities (COLOR WARS!). On Saturday morning, we’ll have more relaxed activities, including some facilitated by Camp Buckhorn staff. On Sunday, you can take a little hike or just take your grab-and-go breakfast and peace out!

Is it safe?

You betcha! The Buckhorn Camp staff are first aid and CPR trained and will be on-site for the entire duration of the camp weekend. Of course, we recommend that all of you likewise take necessary precautions to mitigate risk and avoid dangerous situations.

What’ll we eat?

We will be providing meals for guests who stay at Camp Foxlee. Think: Hamburgers, hotdogs, sandwiches, salad bars. Breakfast, lunch, and dinners will be hosted in the dining hall when we’re not throwing our big, bad reception.

If you have strong food allergies, please let us know when you book. 🙂

What size(s) are beds?

Nearly every bed is a standard twin (sorry, tall boys!), but there are two full-sized beds in each cabin, too.

Do I need to bring linens?

No—but do note that the beds do not come with linens provided. Assuming that you don’t want to sleep in your clothes on top a camp mattress (if you do, you do you), you’ll either…

  1. Plan to bring what you’d like to sleep in, such as sleeping bags, sheets, blankets, pillows, etc.
  2. Rent a sheet, blanket, pillow, pillow case, and towel from Camp Buckhorn, which will be an extra $20 per person for your whole stay.

Can I request someone to room with?

Yes, of course! But also know that we will be doing our best to accommodate a wide set of preferences, so not all requests are guaranteed.

In general, we’re planning to keep parties together (as invited), but after that, we’ll do our best to match people who request it and people we think will like each other. 🙂

Do I have to share a room? Can I purchase a private room?

In general, yes, you do have to share a room.

We do have a small set of private rooms with private bathrooms that we’re planning to reserve for families with young children.

If this is a big concern for you, please reach out and we’ll see what we can come up with.

Bathrooms. Do I have to share?

Yes, you will generally share bathrooms. There is a toilet and shower in each bunk room all across Camp Foxlee, as well as group shower halls and restrooms in the main lodges.

Are there hot showers?

Yep, all bathrooms are plumbed and have hot water. Again, you might have a bunkmate who hogs it. That’s why everyone hated Brian at summer camp.

How is the internet at camp? Is there cell service up there?

While we hope our camp programming will keep you busy, we know about the need to connect. Cellphone service at the camp is spotty (most networks will work somewhere on property, none work everywhere, nor all along the drive to and from Fort Collins).

But don’t worry, the camp does have wifi. It’s everywhere, and if we keep streaming video within reasonable limits, we expect it’ll be more than enough for your light texting, emailing, browsing needs.

What amenities are there? Toiletries, sheets, towels, fan, A/C, kitchen?

Wifi? Yes. Toiletries are yours to bring. Sheets and towels can be rented from us for a small cost ($20) or brought independently. Fans and AC? Don’t think so. Kitchen? Not really.

We will provide bug spray, earplugs, and sunscreen.

Is camp going to be loud at night?

We intend to limit the noise after 10pm, but if you’re a 7pm bed time person who intended to sleep at camp, please let us know. The land is big, and some of the cabins are far-enough from the gathering places that you’ll probably be able to sleep there.

Are kids allowed?

Absolutely. Encouraged even.

Is transportation provided?

This is a TBD service that we will determine after we touch base with camp attendees.

What is parking like?

If you’re planning to drive yourself to camp (carpooling encouraged), please know that there’s not a lot of concrete or asphalt on camp property. However, there is tons of space, as well as lots of well-packed dirt spots.

What is the dress code for camp?

Please don’t wear anything that will embarrass Aunt Sally, but other than that, be as comfortable, casual, or fancy as you feel is appropriate.

Shoes-wise, we recommend packing closed toe or adventure sandals (like Chacos) so that you can play fully and safely.

Reminder: The wedding dress code is wedding casual.

Is there a pool/lake?

Yes, there’s a small lake at Camp Foxlee, but it’s not really for swimming. It’s GREAT for a little canoeing or paddle boarding though. There is no pool.

Are the bugs/mosquitos bad?

Unseasonable rains have brought these little buggers out this year. We’ll plan to have plenty of bug spray on hand for our group, or you can plan to bring your own!

Any additional packing tips?

The camp is rustic, but will have most of your needs covered. You might consider adding the following to your typical packing list:

  • A headlamp
  • Noise-canceling headphones (if earplugs don’t work for you)
  • A cozy sweater / fleece
  • A small mirror (for getting ready when someone’s in the shower)
  • Hand sanitizer

We will provide tons of food, drinks, and snacks, but if there’s something super-tasty you want to share, please feel free to bring it along. 🐷



  • Two nights stay in a shared cabin with ensuite bathrooms
  • Five meals
  • Activities
  • Camp pranks
  • Snacks on snacks on snacks
    (+$20 to rent sheets, pillow case, blanket, towel)

Guests will arrive Friday afternoon for an official welcome kickoff before cabin assignments, Color Wars, a starry-skied campfire, and singalongs in the mess hall. Saturday morning brings optional and self-selected activities, ranging from sunrise yoga and Human Foosball to stand up paddle boarding and rock wall climbing. Don’t worry, there will always be plenty of board games on hand, too. 🤓

Departure is Sunday morning post-breakfast, but not before one last look at the gorgeous Rockies.

All camp-related questions can be directed to Julie Kobs, the Camp Queen, at She will also follow up with you to remit payment.

*We (really, really) don’t want the cost to be an obstacle to you celebrating with us in September. Please reach out to Megan and David directly if this is a concern—we want you there and can make it work!