Camp Accommodations

More details, photographs, and information on camp facilities and lodging can be found on the Camp Buckhorn website here.


There are 11 rustic cabins at Camp Foxlee. Each is split in half by a big ol’ fireplace and has two bathrooms (with showers); each half can accommodate up to seven guests (there are five twin bunks and one full-size bunk on each side).

Most of our guests will be assigned cabins for the weekend. They are awesome and will provide you with the full camp experience.

These cabins are kid-friendly so long as your child can sleep on their own in a bed.

Fox View Inn

The Fox View Inn is Buckhorn’s newest lodging option. It has eight private, ensuite rooms and bathrooms, each equipped with four twin beds, two of which are on the floor (and mobile) and two of which are bunks built into the wall.

Families with young children will be given preference for these rooms if they would like.

As this is a brand spankin’ new building, there aren’t many images available quite yet. But trust, it looks gooooood.

View our full Camp FAQ section for the real 411.